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Legong Dance

Legong Dance, in legends, Legong is the heavenly dance of divine nymphs.

Of all classical Balinese dances, it remains the quintessence of femininity and grace. Girls from the age of five aspire to be selected to represent the community as Legong dancers. Connoisseurs hold the dance in highest esteem and spend hours discussing the merits of various Legong groups.

You are given a theater script so that you understand the story which is really easy to follow. Live traditional music played in the background coupled with a beautifully choreographed performance makes you appreciate the Balinese-Hindu culture.

This performance is held in Ubud palace every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 7.30 PM.

It will be better come here early, since the place is not to large and normally always full.

If you want to have this experience, please click here, our driver will take you there.