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Legong Dance

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Legong Dance, in legends, Legong is the heavenly dance of divine nymphs. Of all classical Balinese dances, it remains the quintessence of femininity and grace. Girls from the age of five aspire to be selected to represent the community as Legong dancers. Connoisseurs hold the...

Kecak Dance

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Kecak Dance narrates the episodes where Ramayana was sent to exile by his father King Dasharatha because of an evil trick by his stepmother Kaikeyi. Uluwatu’s setting matches with the deep monkey forest where Rama is accompanied by his wife Sita and loyal younger brother...

Barong Dance

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Barong Dance told the story of the fight between good and evil spirits. There was a small group of musicians to the side of the stage that provided the music for the performance. The dance was full of drama, colorful costumes and also included some humor and at time some...